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- 简单:它有400水平与难度水平低轻松解决他们,你适应。
- 中:它具有400水平,您将需要更多的技巧,这个水平可以让你舒适地玩,而你无聊,掌握技能。
- 硬盘:它有400的水平,这将考验你的逻辑。
- 硬超:有400家的水平,你的逻辑和压力采取手。极具挑战性和唯一专家。
数独拥有超过2000年的水平只占3 MEGAS。
The popular hobby that challenges your logic
The game that revolutionized popular pastimes now in digital format in the comfort of your phone.
The game is to complete the numbers so that they are not repeated in the row or column. Do you think ?, easy with our new version will have more than 2,000 combinations of sudoku, from simple for beginners to combinations that represent a real challenge to your logic.
- Easy: It has 400 levels with low level of difficulty to solve them easily and you adapt.
- Medium: It has 400 levels where you will require a little more skill, this level allows you to play comfortably while you're bored and acquire skills.
- Hard: It has 400 levels that will test your logic.
- Hard Ultra: features 400 levels where your logic and stress are taken in hand. Highly challenging and only for experts.
We guarantee hours and hours of fun to every challenge.
Sudoku is really fun, we guarantee tracks, visual aids and a small assortment of tools that let you complete each level, or if you prefer off the tracks and challenge yourself with your own skill.
The favorite pastime for the whole family; increases your mental, logic and concentration skills every time.
Sudoku has over 2000 levels only occupies 3 Megas.
***NEW: Now Sudoku has 15,000 levels FREE..!